• Coated nonwoven
  • Coated nonwoven
Coated nonwovenCoated nonwoven

Coated nonwoven

  • Product description: Non woven fabric, meltblown, non woven fabric for face mask, coated non woven fabric for protective clothing, non woven fabric for isolation gown, non woven fabric for medical, SMS,SSMMS, SS & SSS no

Coated nonwoven


Through composite processing, two or three layers of fabric can be compounded to produce products with special functions, such as high strength, high water absorption, high barrier property, high resistance to hydrostatic pressure, etc.


1, with excellent uniformity of air permeability, effective isolation of moisture, exhaust heat and moisture

2, with excellent feel, make the product more soft and comfortable.

3, has excellent tensile and extension properties.

4, not easy to corrosion, printing is simple, high temperature and light resistance.

Product specifications

Weight (g / m²)





white, blue

Width (cm)

120 ~ 260



thickness (mm)

0.15 ~ 0.35

The main purpose:

1, widely used in  medical, health, protection, industrial and automotive industries.

2, the wide range of applications in home textiles, alcohol and tobacco, cosmetics, environmental protection bags, brand apparel, jewelry, gifts, photo albums, decorative supplies and other industries focus on packaging materials.

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